Saturday, July 24, 2010

What I did on my summer vacation. By Kim Groneman.

What I have done on my summer vacation is work. We worked on Memorial Day, didn't go camping on the 4th of July like I wanted to, and we worked to the point of TOTAL ALL OUT EXHAUSTION FOR THE 24th of July too. I am sore and exhausted deep in the bones. I need to go and have some therapeutic fun for a while!

OK< so I confess, this really is Marilyn & not Kim. But Kim really is one very sore dude today. He would probably be bedridden today were it not for the efforts of Brett & Chad yesterday. Brigham was going to help this morning, but he had to work while we were tearing that deck apart yesterday, so then he had to sleep this morning. Just what he SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING. But Brett and Chad were great, and we REALLY appreciate all of their help! Hero's once again! We have a great family I would have to say.

I don't know if we would have taken on that project of taking the benches off that deck if we would have realized that they had built it to last through the millennium! I mean, it was INCREDIBLE! I was running the drill, unscrewing the about 500 screws, half of which were painted over till you nearly couldn't see the dents in them. And after having removed probably 70 screws per bench, still the benches were determined to stay where they were. They had 3 layers of angle iron, again holding things together. We thought that we could just unscrew 1/2 of the screws, all on one side, so that the angle iron could stay on one of the 2 sides, but even with that, they weren't going anywhere! So we had to take off the angle iron to find the screws that they had put on and deep in UNDER the angle iron!
And then there were the nails! Some of the benches were attached to the deck with nails instead of screws. So Brett employed the crowbar, putting it under the plate nailed down and then hammering it in to put a gap underneath, and then he stood on the crowbar with some leverage to try to pop the benches loose. The crowbar bent, but STILL some of those benches just would not come! Extreme measures were taken. And I am CERTAIN Chad, Brett and Kim were ALL sore this morning. But especially Kim. He doesn't have to do anything AT ALL to have joint a daily visitor in his life anyway...but add a project like this one? WELL he was and is SORE ALL OVER!

And then, if that wasn't fun enough...when he got back from dropping off those benches up at the Mtn this morning...he came home and moved all the furniture back into the play room. Fun huh? Not so much. The playroom isn't back together yet, but there isn't pressure enough to finish it today. It was time to take a break!

We do plan on having some fun soon. We gotta or Kim will need a straight-jacket!
THE END. Of the story, I mean. Not of Kim.

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Gramps said...

Not to mention we worked all in between weekends too.