Monday, July 05, 2010

our Independence Day

Sorry, no pictures. Blogging from work.

So on the 3rd we went to a parade in a tiny town in the mountain tops. It was mostly fire trucks and search and rescue people. Lydia was not fond of the loud guns and honking horns and kept declaring that she was all done.

On the night of the 4th we went and watched some fireworks just across the street from a stadium where people paid a lot of money to watch them. The girls were scared to death for the first minute. Lydia was sitting on my lap and I felt her little body go stiff and her tiny heart double in speed. she took my arms and wrapped them around herself as tightly as they would go saying "hold me mommy!"
After a few minutes they finally relaxed and they enjoyed the fireworks. We were loading them up with candy that we had aquired from the parade. It was a fun little evening. I always love seeing the fireworks. It just doesn't feel like the 4th without them.
As we were driving home Steve pointed out that we forgot to make our chocolate covered frozen Bananas for the 4th (which we had decided to make into a tradition). Looks like I'll be going to grocery store tonight.


Gramps said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. Though we weren't with you, now I can picture in my mind your celebration. It's a good thing Lydia had her mommy there to make her safe.

Marilyn said...

It was fun to watch the reactions on the little ones here, they enjoyed it for the most part to the end, but Jacob decided after like 15 set offs that he was DONE. No negotiating!