Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Our Independence Day

Sorry..no pictures, blogging from work. A recap of our holiday weekend:

Friday night, nothing special. Saturday, nothing special. Sunday we went to Christa's for dinner...that was fun. Monday afternoon Christa & crew, Chad & crew, & Brett & crew (can Katie be called a crew?) showed up. Kids splashed in the kiddie pool & played in the basement which is a big change from the way we've done things in the past. Our family room actually stayed clean..no toys at all. We had BBQ hangaburs and vinegar chicken. Lots of fruit and a nummy salad. Marilyn made patriotic cheesecake with RED strawberries, WHITE cheesecake, and BLUE blueberries on the top. Tasted nummy. Chad/Erica/Grandma watched the munchkins while myself, Brigham, Brett, Christa, Benjamin played a round of frizbee golf. Katie joined us part way through our game. We set off some fireworks on our patio while the sun was still shining because munchkins have early bedtimes and parents were anxious to get them home. Thanks for the visit everyone!


Cambrie said...

we missed out!

Marilyn said...

yes you did, but at least you are coming in August! Good and busy times!