Sunday, July 25, 2010

Next Sunday is fast Sunday...

Today our Bishop came into Relief Society to urge us to action regarding the next week's fast. He said that there are several members of our ward family, many of whom we would know Nothing about, who could use our prayers and fast to help them with their challenges, both temporal and Spiritual. And he asked us to remember them as we approached next fast Sunday.

I likewise know that there are several members of our family who also could benefit from our fasting for them. All of you, I am aware, have different (and some the same) challenges that you face and would like to over-come. There are some VERY worthy and Heaven given desires of our hearts that would like to be fulfilled. So I am simply suggesting that as we turn our hearts towards the fast, that we pray that the righteous desires of our hearts will be granted by an all wise, and loving Father in Heaven.

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Gramps said...

Is camping and ATV riding a rightous desire?