Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nelson weekly update

I reduced my working as of this week so I'm now only working 3 9 hour days a week. It sure makes cooking for my family easier! But it also means we'll have to pay a babysitter about twice a this monday (which happens to be our anniversary). Steve and I will both be getting home late (me working, steve at school) so we'll have a babyisitter put the girls to bed. I don't like it, but it is going to be very very infrequent.

Steve is turning into a real-life dentist. He is mostly just working on patients now and he is getting confident and good at his skills now. We are both soooo excited that this in the last year. Now we need to start worrying about Boards coming up.

This morning I caused a major Lydia tantrum by taking off the dress lyida had been wearing for 48 hours straight. It was DIFFICULT to get it off her tantruming tiny body! I finally went and dug a new different dress from the garage the next size up to make her happy again.

Surrogacy: we found out yesterday that we are getting a 25% off discount because of a low-income program that we applied for and got a grant. it is going to save us $5000 : )
My surrogate starts her shots the beginning of august (and me the end of august) Medications alone are $1000. Here we go!

I think my girls are going a little crazy being indoors so much. We miss not having a back yard. But we are surviving.


Gramps said...

Steve will pass the boards with flying colors. He's a smart cookie. It's exciting for me to think of you guys out of school and into the real world where you can actually make some money and have a the Dastrups are starting to do. An unexpected saving of $5k is always nice. What kind of medications are you/surrogate taking? I thought they just planted the eggs into her and that was it. Who needs medications?

Marilyn said...

I'll bet they are a bit stir-crazy! (Oh, I meant the little girls, not your patients stevo-I can just hear them in the background, "GET ME OUTTA HERE!)
I am sure you are already planning what your next house MUST have, huh?

Katie Groneman said...

I'll be you're glad to be cutting back at work, and enjoy your shots!

Erica said...

Your family's life has some major changes ( I should say major exciting changes) coming up in the next year. Your life will be drastically different in 1 year from now. So fun!!!7/