Sunday, September 05, 2010

And Cambrie flies home

Well, Cambrie took her little punkins and flew home today. But she will be back in 3 weeks. It was fun and busy to have those cute little munchkins here. Kids are very entertaining at that age.

We introduced Lydia and Kiera to "Dumbo" while they were here. The next day I asked Lydia what she wanted to do. She said clearly, "! Bumbo!" (Poor elephant can't catch a break anywhere!)
Another time, we asked Kiera if she wanted to eat something and she said, "I will tomorrow when my lips fall off". She had lipstick on her lips, and she didn't want to mess it up. I think maybe she is watching way too many "happily ever after" movies cause she told Cambrie that she needed to have her lips on so she could kiss a boy. Cambrie asked her who she was going to kiss, and her answer was "Benjamin". So just watch out Benjamin, you have a kissin cousin on the loose!

It must be Cambries fault however. Kiera was taking notes in heaven when her mommy at age 5 came home from Kindergarten and announced that she had 16 boyfriends. We asked her to tell us who they were, and she did!

Is ANYONE STILL OUT THERE? ARE KIM, CAMBRIE AND I THE ONLY ONES THAT READ THIS BLOG? Once in a while we get a comment from you other folks, but NOT NEARLY AS MUCH as we USED TO. Brett and Katie have been moving until yesterday, when they took the last of their furniture out of here. And Katie is back in school now, and Brett is in school and working FT, so they are busy. And they will find new levels of busy-ness, now that they are also going to be the ones caring for a home and yard (I think her parents pull out for their mission tomorrow). But hopefully they can find time to post here...we miss em!

And I know that Chad has been working (was it 60?) hour weeks, so he is a busy boy too. But Erica, we need to hear from you! And I would ask also, that when post on your own blogs, that perhaps you put the same thing on ours so that Breanna can get your news too. Either that or write her a letter...but blogs serve the same purpose and are easier to do and it would be great for her.


Gramps said...

FYI Marilyn gave up on Datrups blogging a long time ago. ;-) I'm here!

Christa said...

Glad you finally gave up on us. At least you won't be disappointed anymore. I'm too busy to blog much. You've seen what I have to do every day, only I do it every day with a husband who is not able to help out nearly as much as he or I would like!

Marilyn said...

Hey, I know you are busy, but at least you read it! Kim and I often wonder if this blog is a ghost town that no one ever visits! Feedback is good to hear even if you don't post!

Brett said...

I read it. If I have something to post, I usually post to our own, which makes more sense. I just usually don't comment if I'm not overly opinionated about it, which I know is bad... But hey, I'm commenting now!