Wednesday, September 08, 2010

round 2 schedule

Talked to the medical people today and got my schedule for round #2.

I'll be coming by at least the 10th and I'll be stuck there until probably the 15th(ish) which is when they retrieve my eggs. I may stay for the egg transfer which would be on the 18th so I can transport my surrogate to and from the airport, but that is all dependent on if I'll be missing work.

Steve will be in Utah the 13th through the 15th(ish).



Gramps said...

Ok then. I'm asking you folks to work out an acceptable day. Looks like 13-15 if we want Stevo to attend (and we do). Looks like Bert's schedule is already full those days so I assume none of those days work for you Bretsker. :-( I hate trying to match up schedules for this family of non-matching work schedules. Let's do it this way. From the 11th to the 15th, what days COULD each of you do it? We'll just pick the one that works for most people. :-\

Katie Groneman said...

The evening of the 13th or 14th would probably work for us.

Cambrie said...

ps since the 15th is a friday steve will probably stay through sunday

Gramps said...

Ok then...saturday is open too!