Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nelson updates

We were notified today that we were not chosen for the Medford job. Very disappointing. Back to square 1 in job-finding.

Last night after my 2 girls had a bath I put a shirt on Lydia that kiera recognized as a shirt she used to wear. Kiera said "mommy-- pretty soon I'll grow out of all of my close and Lydia will wear them and I'll be maked (naked)?" She seemed pretty concerned. I assured her that we would always have clothes for her to wear.

It has been HOT here lately. We went swimming last night at 6:30pm. My girls love swimming.

My little patient who has been in the hospital for nearly 2 months now might get out this week. I'm praying for him to get better.....but not too much better because there is a chance they could take him off of the TPN which would make it so he doesn't need a nurse anymore. I've been job hunting. pickings are slim and even more slim when you don't want to put your kids in day-care.


Stevo said...

actually, Cambrie posted this blog (obviously)

Gramps said...

Bummer...sorry to hear you didn't get the job/location you wanted. Have you interviewed anywhere else besides in CA along the trail to Medford? Does http://nfdh.org/ qualify? (there are Utah connections) What is the name of the program you are in? I want to look up information just for kicks and grins.

Gramps said...

Here's a bunch of government free dental clinics in Utah. Any of these count in your program? http://freemedicalcamps.com/vcity.php?stateid=UT

Marilyn said...

Well, something else will happen, where the Lord wants your particular talents. But I know you are disappointed...sorry for that.