Sunday, September 12, 2010

Needless trials and tribulations in old age...

Every since my mom came out of the hospital she has had more back problems than ever. She did have some back issues before she went down, but they have been a lot worse lately. Ann says that she also went down in the hospital while they were trying to bathroom her. At any rate, we have been attributing her increased pain to her "falls".

Ever since she got into the Beehive home though, it has been a lot worse! Yesterday, Keith figured out why. Her bed had no Box springs and her mattress was only supported by the frame and 2 small (3" across) boards. So when she laid in it she had a big hole to try to sleep in!

I feel bad that she has had to deal with that for a whole week un-necessarily! There was a day I was there that she was obviously tired, because she kept falling asleep in her rocker chair. I kept encouraging her to get into bed and she said, "my back hurts worse when I AM in bed!". But I knew that the mattress was brand new, so I didn't think that there was anything to check. Poor mom!

While we were there visiting yesterday, Keith and Syd were also there so Keith and Kim went and got a box spring (with permission) of another vacant room and put it on mom's bed. Mom was really drugged cause we had had her into see Dr Welch about the backache on Friday, and he had given her a RX for a higher dose of morphine, so yesterday, she couldn't stay awake.
Now that we know the source of the problem, I called Hospice this morning and I had them cut back on the morphine that they are giving her. They are going to try to give it just at night and see how she does with that, and adjust as needed.

Hopefully, she will get better now, at least better than she has been.

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