Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekly update

I don't even feel like I need to update ya'll since we were just there and we'll be coming back next month. But, nevertheless:

I've been on the job hunt lately. With my patient having been in the hospital for about 6 weeks now, I'm feeling unemployed even if I technically do have a job. So, I'm on the lookout. It makes it hard because I'm particular about what I want. I want 8 hour shifts and evening shifts. Most of the surrounding hospitals have a hiring freeze on all nurses. Scarce jobs around here. If I'm still not successful after my next Utah trip, maybe I'll have to eliminate some of my criteria.

Kiera has been hard to deal with since our Utah trip. It must be hard to go from such a fun place with lots of room to run (inside and out) and lots of toys and plenty of people to play with, to our tiny little house with no outside places to play and just busy mom. She has been very difficult lately. My friends with 3 year olds say they have the same problem after they visit grandma's house.

Lydia has been sick all of this week. She is grouchy and randomly vomits but it hasn't been that terrible of an illness. She is still able to play most of the time.

Steve finishes another round of finals this upcoming week and they we will probably go on a job-hunting road-trip as a family. Lots of packing and unpacking in my future.

We took the girls to a water park today ($15 to get the whole family in). I took Kiera on her first real big-person water slide and she did great. Lydia liked it too although she was still weak from her illness so she ran out of steam quickly.

That's all folks.

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Gramps said...

Of course I hope you find a job that's just your cup of tea. Sounds like it may be hard to come by. Ideal situation is for your patient to get out of the hospital. Good skill/luck to Stevo on his final rounds. Keep us informed about where you are going/looking and what decisions or partial decisions are made regarding your post-school scenario. Maybe Kiera is just being a typical 3 year old. People always talk about terrible 2's, but I always thought kids were more brats when they were 3. Cuter too though. Give poor little Lydia a hug from Gramps. I'm not there to hug her better. :-(