Thursday, September 02, 2010

For mom's well being, and ours...

Yesterday, all my siblings and dad (except Nadine) met at Orem Rehab and had a family meeting. They are releasing mom today and Aunt Marie had called Anne and told her about a "Beehive House" that takes Alzheimers patients. Whereas that unit at Orem Rehab and skilled nursing is $10K per month without the cost of prescriptions, this place is only $3K per month, which should be covered with her retirment checks, Social Security, and VA benefit.

In the end, dad made the decision to put her in the care center, but had it been put to a vote, she would have been there also.

Mom's personal hygiene habits are atrocious now. She needs to have 24/7 care as she is nocturnal and the most highly agitated at night. At home she spends 1/2 of her waking hours where there is no one to take care of her (which is dangerous to her and dad if she decides to put some frying pan with oil in it to fry and egg and then wanders away and forgets it). She needs to be where someone can help her with her meds better than dad does. Part of the reason she collapsed in the first place is because dad had forgotten to give her pills she needed.

Bottom line: She will reside as of today, at a new Beehive house that was opened 3 months ago on about 2800 W Center Provo. She will wear a braclet that will activate an alarm if she tries to leave. The place currently only has 6 residents, and at capacity will only have 16. We went to see it it is a really nice place! Nothing like what I have been dreading for the last 10 years! This FEELS right. I see it as the Lord's tender mercies for mom and the rest of us. She has a window in the room that faces the mountain...and there are horses occasionally right outside her window as there is a riding club next door and on the edge of that pasture, there is a cornfield. It is a beautiful and tranquil view she will enjoy.

She will need lots of viisits as she adjusts to her new I hope you kids will be able to visit her now and then. Cambrie leaves for Idaho tooday, so I won't be able to be over there much.

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