Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oregon Update

Steve had his first job interview yesterday in Redding california. The pathetic thing is that they didn't ask him anything more than where he was from. The rest of the time the interviewers talked about themselves. it was 2 hours long and steve says at least 45 mins of it the guy was talking about his new wife from the Ukraine who he found on the internet and doesn't speak English. Steve got the feeling from them that they will take anyone with DDS behind there name. Nice to know we have a job if we want it, but we think if we did go there it would be temporary only.
It was funny though, I was told to go take Kiera to a park while steve was having his interview and to meet them back in the dental waiting room at 1:30. So after taking them to the river (and Kiera falling in), I went back to the waiting room. I waited for a full 30 minutes before going up to the receptionist. I told her my husband had interviewed for a dental position and I was supposed to meet him there. She looked at me like I was crazy or lying or something and shrugged as if she wasn't going to do anything about it. So I repeated myself. She finally got up and said she would go ask and see if anybody knew what I was talking about. When she came back she was suddenly very sweet and curtious to me. "Right this way Mrs. Nelson! Have a seat in Dr. Pierce's office while I let them know you are here". hmmmm

So now we are in Oregon. Steve will be interviewing for our #1 choice job wed/thurs and working in their clinics. Oregon is beautiful and the air smells like trees. I went runnig today down a beautful path lined with wild blackberry bushes. This clinic only has 1 position and all of the dentists who work there are from the dental school in Oregon and we know that there are at least 2 people in Oregon's dental school who also want the position. We're hoping that Steve's Spanish skills and his MBA in public health (and his great personality) will get us the job.

Kiera's thoughts on Oregon: "they have lots of Christmas trees here" "they have lots of clouds here!"


Christa said...

(This is really Marilyn)Great! Nice to know that you COULD be working for such cooperative people! J/K. With Steve's credentials, he should get any job he seeks, it seems to me! But ultimately, it will be the Lord who takes you where he wants you to go and grow and serve Him. As long as you are seeking guidance from the Lord and then listening for direction, you will land in the right spot.

Erica said...

What a strange experience! Still, how fun to finally be in this spot (job hunting, that is)!

Gramps said...

Sounds like the people in Redding have a problem of not taking their jobs seriously. Not a place I would like to work with those attitudes. Let me provide your comment on Kiera's comments based on your Facebook post: " Later: "they have lots of clouds!" We have lots of clouds where we live, but they blend in with the smog!"

Christa said...

Exciting times! I know it's not easy making such a big decision, so good luck! And have fun! (You guys are not paying for this trip, right?)

Brett said...

I like Oregon. If you're going to be living all far away n' stuff, yeah, Oregon wouldn't be so bad.