Sunday, September 26, 2010

When it rains, it pours!

My dad fell down 2 days ago. He was standing on top of a chair in the bathroom looking for mom's glasses on one of the high shelves. He had no warning whatever, but he passed out and fell on the bathroom floor. He awoke laying on the floor with his legs draping over the tub and wondering how he got there. He was in pain, but he managed to get himself straightened up and he got up. Despite his pain, but he got himself into the TV room to lay down. He hadn't been there long when Anne came along, and Keith called. Dad was taken to the hospital where they did x rays to determine if he had any broken bones. No ribs were broken at least not that they could see, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have fractures. He is still in a lot of pain today. But he is on prescription pain killers and with that he can move very carefully and slowly...but he is still in a lot of pain.

This presents new challenges of course. Dad has been mom's best support down at her place. But mom thinks that dads purpose in life is to do for her, and he just isn't up to it. Me and my siblings have split out the week so that mom gets at least one visitor a day...but Sunday is dad's day and he can't go down. So if anyone else can, that would be great. Yesterday I tended from 10am till 7 pm while Chad and Erica went on a get-away (and I was happy to do so). I took Emmy down to the care center, cause I knew my mom would love to see her, and she did. When Chad and Erica came along to pick her up, I left and went to stay with my dad. He was to have someone with him for the first 48 hours after his fall. I stayed till afternoon because I didn't think he was doing well enough to leave him. His back and stomach are both really hurting him. I wanted to get to church and he said he would be fine without me so after I got his lunch I hurried home to get to the 4th ward's church meeting.

Bottom line, both of my parents need support now. Dad's injury will take about 6 weeks to heal. I see it as a tender mercy of the Lord that he didn't injure anything enough to have to stay in the hospital. Most folks his age break a hip if they fall just from standing position, so I am glad dad was spared that! I know that Heavenly Father is continuing to listen to and answer our requests for dad.

I know that you are all busy people, but I hope you will find some time to visit my folks and show them your love, or at least send them cards of support. You don't really know how much those things mean until it is your turn and no one seems to care enough to do anything for you to show love and support. Wish I had something cute and fun to report. I know you don't enjoy these new reports about my parents. But I thought you should know anyway.

OH! I forgot to mention that we have a weasel at the mtn. I have never seen one before! I just looked it up to find out about them. The article says that they can eat hundreds of mice in 1 year! I HOPE HE HAS A SPOUSE AND THAT THEY DON'T BELIEVE IN BIRTH CONTROL!


Christa said...

I wish we were closer so we could visit more. With Jacob having half-day kindergarten, I have to be here for most of the day on weekdays. I was about to say that we could go down this weekend, but with Conference that might be tricky. We'll see if we can figure it out.

Erica said...

Are there visiting hours at the care center? Or can you just walk in and show up any time? Emmy and I can go while Chad's at work. I just don't know if Grandma will know who we are. Let me know if you think it's a good idea or not. We'll head over with Chad more often too.

Erica said...

PS. Thank you again for watching the Miss Munchkin! :) we could tell by how happy she was that she had a great time!

Marilyn said...

Thanks girls! There aren't visiting hours, you can go anytime. When dad was going, he stayed overnight several nights. They will even give you food if you are there at dinner time. Having family there takes some of the burden of care off the facility, so they welcome it.
We had fun with little miss Emmy! No problem, and she brought joy to other residents at the care center too, who when they saw her, wheeled their wheelchairs to mom's room so they could see her. Little kids are fun to watch.