Sunday, September 05, 2010

Funniest moment of the week

Every evening Cambrie plays with her two girls.  I've never seen a mother play so much with her kids.  One of  the games the two girls love is "guess the animal" where each takes turns making animal sounds/actions and the we try to guess what they are.  The night Cambrie was in Idaho we tried to carry on the tradition and we were playing the guess the animal and Kiera was going "Moo!  Moo!".  Lydia couldn't guess what animal it was so I asked her "What animal says 'Moo'?" and she didn't even hesitate.  She said "Kiera!"

Brigham's sister Liz got married so they brought the kids over here so we had a house full of couzins Friday night/Saturday morning....(minus Emmy :-( ) Talk about crazy!  Christa and Brigham decided to sleep over instead of go back to Sandy just to come back again and Cambrie came back home unexpectedly so we had a house just FULL of love and joy.   Now everyone's gone and it's just us old folks again.  Even the basement is empty for the first time in a long time. Pretty quiet around here. (crickets are chirping outside our window and it's dark...sounds like a horror movie!...which I can't wait for Buff to come back and watch with me!)  The playhouse and the basement playroom and the trampoline got well used this past week.  Just gotta say:  Walmart take-n-bake pizza is pretty good stuff!~ 

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Brett said...

I like Lydia's logic. Smart girl. None of us would have thought of that.