Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fire in Herriman!

We may not have school tomorrow because of a fire started by machine gun testing at Camp Williams. The original plan was to have the people evacuated coming to Fort Herriman Middle School, but now it is in the fire danger zone. The main problem is air quality. They don't want people coming to school if the air is unbreathable. As far as I know, no houses have been burnt yet... but hundreds of people have been evacuated to the new Herriman High School.

Too my friend and firefighter, Wendy - go get 'em and save my school!

Here's the official news story.


Marilyn said...

So you are not teaching today? Enjoy your day off! I heard at noon that 4 homes have burned so far. Wow, what a nightmare it would be to have to start over!

Cambrie said...

Enjoy your time off!