Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween Party, Take II - Oct 15th

Anyone remember me talking about a Halloween Party HERE?  Put October 15th on your calendars.  It's the time the parents of the grandkids could come.  Brett has to work :'-( but if we put it another day, someone else has to miss it.  I hope Katie can come tho.  Brett: remind me next time we plan something, it's YOUR turn to have it on YOUR day off.  That link above has info about Halloween food.  I wanna make the cheese stick fingers.  You choose something you want to bring. I figure a snack/dinner/ won't starve.  Halloween seems like a great time to make DEVIL'd eggs (hint hint).   You decide if you want kids/adults to be dressed up.  Each family plan ONE game the little'uns will enjoy, will ya?  I'll plan some fun stuff for adults unless someone else has a fun plan.  I'm jus' wingin' it here.  We'll have fun and food, that much I know.

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Cambrie said...

got it. We are excited!