Sunday, September 12, 2010

Movie Review: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

(In our movie collection ready to borrow). I thought this was a real fun movie.  If you like things like Monty Python, Pirates of Penzance, Princess Bride, Mystery Science Theater 3000, etc. you should like this movie.  The setting is the US in the 1930s and has a couple of interesting characteristics.  First, it's done in the 30's 40's style gumshoe movie style which some would say is cheezy...and it is...but it made me smile in more than a few places.  Second, it has old fashioned evil robots which even added more fun for me, having been a big fan of early sci-fi movies. Star filled cast with Jude Law, Gweneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Lawrence Olivier, etc.  It's one of those unique movies that comes along once in a while...none else like it.  Don't expect to be awed by the story line or the acting or anything like that...just expect to have some fun watching a silly movie and having your cheeks ache with smiling at the silliness.  I absolutely LOVED the last 5 seconds of the movie!  Oh..and it's one of the few movies out only rated PG.  Here's an IMDB link.

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