Wednesday, March 21, 2007

BOO_HOO!!! Cambrie took my darling little Kiera home today! We had so much fun playing babies! Kiera is such a delightful baby. And Cambrie loves dressing her up, so everyone really notices what a pretty baby she is. It is fun to have her close, but my fun is over for 1 month, until I have all 3 of my darling grandkids at once! YEAHHHH!!! For those of you who don't know, we are going to be able to rent the apt of the Dastrups upstairs neighbors (who are in Florida) for the time that we are there. COOL! Freedom to come and go, and not have it be a pain!!! That is awesome!)
So, this is weird. I have the house, completely to myself until Kim comes home on Friday night. Well, he is coming home in time to fall into bed and then leave at 6 am the next AM. But that gives me about 15 minutes of time with him. I will stay busy to make the time go faster.
We got a call from the VA Hospital in SLC. They have an opening...possibly for Grandpa. They asked us to send all his info up there, and they will let us know if they are taking him or not.

You should have seen Grandma Haslems delight when we took Kiera over on Monday. Little babies and kids are good for her! All of her grumbles went right out the window! Made me wish I had my grandchildren around for her to enjoy more often. She continues her mental decline, very rapidly. It is very sad...this last week we had mom and dad invited for dinner while Cambrie and Kiera were here, but she refused to come, because now, she has it in her head that "the last time I was there, Kim practically threw me out! I am not coming!" Of course, Kim did no such thing. And she accuses nearly everyone she knows of something terrible they supposedly did to her...and to her it is real...and she feels the pain and indignation the same as if it were true. But, when she gets around a darling baby, all her fears and paranoid behaviors disappear! It must be a blessed respite from the very sad life she is living.

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Kim said...

Yes. Kiera was wonderful to have around. She's just so KISSABLE! It's impossible to resist. I'm sad she left.