Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's good to be back in CA with my husband. Kiera hasn't adjusted to the change again yet, but she will. So this probably isn't exciting to ya'll but there is someone in steve's parents ward who is moving getting rid of furniture so we are going to inherit the following: a sofa, piano, christmas tree, desk, bike, bbq, patio furniture, coffee table, end tables, bookshelf, really nice china cabinet, an oak file cabinet, a large freezer, and lots of various small items. I am so excited about it. I feel like I've won the lottery or something. I'm going to have a well-furnished house!!!! The bad thing about it is that we have to rent another uhaul and spend the day moving on saturday again. oh well


Marilyn said...

SCORE bIGTIME!!!! Man, I can't believe how the Windows of Heaven have opened up for you! And as far as renting the Uhaul, since you aren't going very far, and you wont have it for all that long, it should be a very minimal expense, especially compared to what you get!!! Wow! The very things you were wishing for while you were here, Freezer, Christmas tree, bookshelves, china closet... it's like the angels above you were "silent notes taking" and your wishes have been filled! KEEP PAYING THAT TITHING HUH? I AM HAPPY FOR YOU!!

Kim said...

Wow. Talk about a good haul! did moving it go? Didja get all you wanted/were expecting?