Monday, March 12, 2007

It is Kim's Birthday this week! That means we are gonna have a birthday bash! But we need to do it Thursday, because Cambrie and Steve won't be here on Saturday, they will be in Idaho. And Kim may be gone into the night on Friday (setting up for Brainshare) Cambrie arrives on Wednesday, Steve comes Thursday at dinnertime, so really the only day that we can do it is Friday. But we may have to wait on Kim to come home from setting up for Brainshare (but he thinks he will be home at normal time). So lets say we will eat dinner Fri at 6 pm. Does that work for everyone? I hope so, as I cannot see any alternatives. Please let me know ASAP.
Hopefully, we will feel like celebrating because of the Dastrups match...if not, we may have to bury Kim because his grief finished him off!!!


Brett said...

So I don't get it. Is it Thursday or Friday? If dad's going to possibly be gone Friday night, why are we doing it on Friday? I'm going to assume you meant what you said at first -- Thursday. Or were you planning on something both nights? I'd like to know as soon as possible which one you were talking about. Right now I have Thursday off of work and I work Friday, so I'm hoping you mean Thursday.

Marilyn said...

The confusion in the dates comes from the fact that while I was typing this I realized that if Steve came in AT dinnertime, it wouldn't be a good time to have a party cause we'd miss him and whoever was picking him up. So here is the plan folks. We will do Kims "Birthday Dinner" on Friday. But to Celebrate Kim's pre-birthday and the Nelsons arrival, we will do another bash on Thursday! I will invite my folks to the Friday one, with the hopes that our local (or is it loco?) kids:), will come both nights. Kims wish is that we can have one night playing games together, but since Brett has to work on Friday, Nelsons gone on Sat, And Kim gone the whole next week...Thursday is the best choice there. JUST MAYBE Nelsons will be back by Sat eve and we could play then too! Stay tuned!

Dinner on Friday will be at 5 so we can get it done before I go pick up Steve.