Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Grandpa is in the process right now of being transferred to his new residence. It is in So Provo, at a place called Trinity Mission Rehabilitation/Nursing Center. (about 1020 S 1000 W Provo, Room 218) Looks like they get alot of volunteerism from the community, which is great. It is a nice place. Not like the Charleston, but the Charleston doesn't do rehabilitation, so it is not an option. You can check it out: . Looks like BYU has something to do with it too. And an old neighbor of ours runs the place. Not that we expect any perks out of the deal. I was just surprised to see his name on there (Dodd Greer).
Brigham sure called it right when he said that we could expect lots of up days, then down days,
one right after the other. Today was a down day. He was pretty miserable. I wouldn't even begin to try and predict right now if he is going to recover enough to come home, or even if he will live out the next 2 months. Thankfully, because he has AARP insurance the rest of the cost for this facility that isn't picked up by medicare, is picked up by AARP. That'll save us $125.00 per DAY! So that is a relief. You Provo kids will need to make a greater effort to get in to see Grandpa now that he is in Provo. I won't be able to go and see him every day any more. And while he is adjusting to his new situation, especially, it would be nice for him to feel that he hasn't been abandoned. And on Mar 18-25 Kim will be a brainshare, so he won't be visiting him at all.
It was a gorgeous day in Cedar Hills. Temps in the 60's, so I went out and worked in my yard for about 4 hours today, and enjoyed the great weather!! We got more of the same on tap, coming right up! This is the kind of weather that makes it hard to be a student, as BJ reminded me. BJ and her roomates and a bunch of kids they invited are going to the space center (in PG) for a several hour mission. We will have to get a full report from the Buffalo!


Marilyn said...

Grandpa is in room 218 for anyone that can visit

Kim said...

Go down 5th West until you get to 920 South. Turn right and go under the freeway. As soon as you get under the freeway turn right again on 1020 south. It's down the road a spell across from a church. HERE

Chad Groneman said...

I went to see him. It's hard to see him in his current condition. Aunt Saundra was there. Man, she does a lot to help him.

He got tired while we were there, and wanted to go to sleep (around 6:45), so we left.

Marilyn said...

who is "we"?

Kim said...

He and Saundra of course.