Saturday, March 24, 2007

So on my date with Derek on wen, we were discussing some of the more.....serious mysteries of life....and we discovered the answers! Firstly, we wondered why in the navy, their bases are called "naval bases" when our belly buttons are also called navals. It took a lot of pondering but we eventually came out with the answer. And here it is: What is the purpose of our belly buttons? To collect belly button lint. And what color is the lint usually?? Blue! So in the navy there are all these little men running around in their blue suits and their blue hats, driving around their little blue boats in the blue ocean and they all collect in at the Naval base! So that's why they call them Naval bases! because they are sort of like our belly buttons!
We also uncovered the government conspiracy of crossbreeding buffalos and chickens to make the chickens have nuggets and the buffalos to have wings! And they've even stopped being discreet about it by making buffalo chicken sandwiches!!! I always knew they were up to something...... so me and Derek decided to get all the crossbreeded chickens and buffalos to make an army to protest the gvm't. And we're also going to write a book....or at least a poem for poetry night about all of our discoveries. Look foreward to it :-)


Marilyn said...

Now that you have solved all of the worlds mysteries, what are you gonna do next date? I mean, isn't it going to be a bit of a letdown?

Kim said...

Ah the exuberance and folly of youth. What a waste of brain power. If you were going to ponder something, ponder something that has some meaning in life like which port on a computer is the air port.