Thursday, March 01, 2007

We are all waiting for news from Chad. Is he taking the job or not? If he does, when will he move? Is he even reading this blog to realize that some of us would like to know what he is thinking???!!! Stay TUNED!!! Hopefully, eventually we will get more information from the man himself!

Do you realize that if Chad does take that job, and BJ is in California this summer, then I will have only 1 kid here in the valley with me? We are talking a MAJOR pity party!!! It exists even now! But maybe if the Lord will have mercy on us pitiful people the Dastrups will move back here! Hey, ya gotta have SOMETHING to look forward to.
Actually right now, we are looking forward to the Nelsons coming in 2 weeks!!! So punkin, I am a little fuzzy...are you going to be here on Dads birthday, in the evening when we usually celebrate birthdays? I think that is the day you are going to Idaho. Let me know so we can plan a bash when you are gonna be here.

Grandpa Groneman: What can I say. He is seemingly out of the woods. Yesterday, he walked by himself with a walker to and from the bathroom. There were people there to help him, should he need it, but he didn't. The medical staff are very pleased with his progress. But he isn't. He is off the morphine now. Takes occasional Lortab for chest pain he is occasionally experiencing. They also have him on Cumidin for heart fibrillation. He is conversational now. Sort of. He has a very difficult time of saying anything. He can't find the words, or he starts and then immediately forgets what he was going to say (I do that too, occasionally, but he is doing it about 70 % of the time) He is very frustrated. Desparately wants a switch that he can just flip to "off" . He isn't at all happy about his circumstance nor the uncertain future he faces, he knows not where. At this point, I think there is a good chance that he will eventually land back in our basement. Which would be a blessing since care centers are so costly. But that will depend on how well his does with rehabilitation. He has become alot more senile. He repeatedly goes through the same crying/worrying about his uncertain future. We talk him through it, telling him he doesn't need to worry about those details, that we will take care of them for him/that he is making great progress/ and likely will be able to come back here again so don't worry....
And then in 2 minutes he starts all over again.
So you medical this newfound serious senility going to stay, or will he go back to how he was before his fall? It makes going to visit him less than pleasant, for sure. And no, I cant blame him for hating his circumstance, but it is very frustrating not to be able to get it though to him that he needs to stop repeating that worn out already cycle.


Christa said...

Brigham: Hard to say anything about long-term mental prognosis while he is still receiving treatment/recovering. The fact that he has been getting better gradually is a great indicator. If any given week you think about how he was one or two weeks earlier and it doesn't seem he has improved, then worry more about a permanent change. Additionally, as long as he is on heavy pain killers (morphine, even Lortab) it is difficult to assess what his post-recovery mental status will be. Also, has anyone looked into why he is having chest pain. I Lortab for chest pain is a bit unusual. I wasn't as concerned about a brief episode as you described occurring after his surgery, but recurrent pain requiring medication without a clear source is a bit concerning.

Kim said...

The Lortab is just for general pain. He can have it when he wants it. As for the chest pain, the doctor told me it's probably the pneumonia which he still has in his right lung.

Cambrie said...

going to idaho on dad's birthday, staying for a lunch party and driving back. I don't know what time we will be back home