Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Grandpa Groneman has moved. Today I moved Grandpa Groneman from the Trinity Mission rehab center to the Veteran's Administration Nursing Home in Salt Lake City. To get there from Provo, take Eastbound I-215 to Foothill Blvd. On Foothill Blvd, go to Wasatch Drive (about 600 South) and turn left at the light. Go a couple of blocks and you'll see the nursing center on the left. Here's a map. The nursing center building is the one at the bottom of the screen that looks like two connected arcs......where the little stub road goes off to the right. We made the move because if he needs to stay longer than the 100 days medicare pays for, it's only half the cost as anywhere else. It's also nicer than the facility he was in. He wasn't excited to have to move, or to be anywhere really, but I think he'll get used to it. Hopefully he can get well enough to come home soon. He's able to stand from his bed with his walker and walk a bit. He likes visitors.

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Marilyn said...

Saundra is "MAKING" her kids go to see him, and instructed us to do likewise. Kim and I don't believe you should be forced to go see him, and I don't know how we would do that anyway.And, Kim and I don't want people to be forced to come see us when we get there (hopefully never)We would still want to have support mind you, but not if it is forced. Still, part of living the baptismal covenants is to visit the sick and afflicted, lift up the hands that hang down, and strengthen the feeble knees. Grandpa fits. We appreciate those who do go. And since it is more of a trip now, you might ought to go together.