Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I learned two lessons today. First, never try to install a washing machine quickly, and second, if there is a leaking red kool-aide packet throw it away promptly.

Yes, our garage floor is extra sparkling clean since I quickly hooked up our washer in the garage so I could wash Kiera's sheets before her next nap. The washer works fine-- but I forgot to hook up the drain so it drained all over our garage floor. So I went out to see my car parked on a lake of suds and bubbles. Also on the garage floor was our christmas tree. So, I learned the hard way.

Second lesson learned: don't mess with red kool-aide. I bought about 30 packets of kooladie today since they were on sale. One was apparently open and leaking and the store clerk took it out for me but the powder was on the other packets a bit. Of course, it is powder so it is easily spread over everything and when it gets wet is turns bright red and as we all know it stains. I should have left everything that was covered in powder in the store or at least thrown it away when I got home. I fought with the koolaide for quite a while and it ended up staining my hands, the cupboards, and a few other things. Don't mess with red koolaide!!


Kim said...

Bubbles!!!! Open packages of coolaid are good for putting in the shower head just before Steve takes his shower....I thought you knew that!

Marilyn said...

Bleach. You can get the stains off of your cupboards with bleach, but use rubber gloves when you do won't help your hands that is for sure.
So did ya find a washer and dryer to buy, or did another window of heaven open up and it just landed in your lap? Do you officially have everything you need now?

Cambrie said...

we lack a lawn mower