Sunday, March 04, 2007

I just came from the hospital from spending an hour an 1/2 with Jack. When I got there, he really wasn't doing well. He just kept saying, "Enough is Enough!!!" again and again and again. He really doesn't think that he has anything left to live forand he doesn't want to be here. I told him he does. I said that he has unfinished business to complete and that is the reason he is still here. He wanted to know what his unfinished business is. I told him that I feel very strongly that Heavenly Father loves him so very much, and that he is very pleased with his progress that he has made in coming back to church with us. Yesterday, all day, I kept trying to work on my Sunday School lesson, and all I could think about was Grandpa Jack. I just couldn't get him off of my mind. And then last night when I said my prayers of course, I was planning on asking the Lord to remember the cause of my fast, but as I prayed, again, all I could think about was Jack. I suddenly realized that Jack needed to be the cause of my fast.There are people on the other side of the veil who are very aware and concerned about Jack as well. They want him to take this chance he has been given (by not dying) to clean up a few loose ends as far as the gospel goes. Saundra has never been sealed in the temple to her folks. Jack has been given this chance to become temple worthy and have her sealed to him and Melba. This is Melba's, Pat's and Heavenly Fathers desire for Jack. That is why he is still alive, when the Drs. were all sure he wouldn't be at this point. I have been given the knowledge, through the Spirit, that that is why Jack is still here.
This morning when Kim went into the Hospital, while I was at church, he said that his dad was just SOO upset that he is still alive when he wants to be dead! He kept saying that he has no reason to live. He was saying that when I got there today too. So I told him, everything that I have put in here. I told him that he does have a reason to live, and he needs to be getting on about doing it, and once it is done, then the Lord will let him come home. He was doing much better when I left. HE NEEDS A PURPOSE FOR LIVING, since he is alive!
So I would ask to to pray for him. Pray that he will have the desire and determination to achieve the very great goal of becoming Temple worthy and getting sealed to Saundra forever. I think he would like it, judging from our conversation, but I think he will need alot of support , on both sides of the veil to have it happen.
Also, I think he needs to have more support from his Groneman Grandchildren. Meaning our children. I know that you have busy lives. And I know that you love him, but for those of you who are close enough, it would mean the world to him for you to come visit him every 3-4 days. He has seen alot more of the other grandchildren, even though they are much further away. He is going through a very difficult trial in his life...and this is your chance to "lift up the hands that hang down, and strenghten the feeble knees". Maybe you feel awkward about going in alone. I would be happy to go with you. But if you want to go in alone, all you have to talk about is some of the many memories of Canyonlands or other things you have done with him and he will light right up! He needs to know he is loved...and that is communicated best by a visit. Christa did send him a nice card which I know he really enjoyed. Thanks Christa. Cambrie has called him, but he isn't much of a phone person. But visits are great.
We spent much of Saturday, looking at rehabilitation care centers to place him in when they kick him out (probably about tues). He will probably be in one in Provo. We'll let you know for sure where, when we know. Hope you will join us in supporting him in all of the ways that you can!

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