Saturday, March 31, 2007

We were lucky enough to get to spend half of the day yesterday with Uncle Chad! Benjamin loved every minute of his visit because most of the time he had him in his service as a reader of dinosaur books or a dinosaur playmate. We also took Chad duckpin bowling with us since we were going to celebrate a friend's birthday, and we had a good time. Jacob kept trying to skooch himself onto the bowling lanes-- he was thrilled by all of the balls. Chad may not like all of the travelling that he does, but we like it because we've had two visits from him so far!


Chad Groneman said...

I had fun with Benjamin & Jacob. CK and Brigham were good too. But I'll tell ya, Benjamin could teach college classes on Dinosaurs.

I also got to see Benjamin practice his reading a bit - that was good. Just think of what he'll know once he learns how to read!

Jacob was cute. I think I heard him say "Tee-tah" a few times.

I think we need to start a things-to-do-in-baltimore list. Going to the zoo with the my nephews is definitely on the list.

Cambrie said...

Continuation of To-Do list:

We'd enjoy seeing the national history museum.
Also, if there is a childrens museum out there we'd like to go.
I would be fun to do things like frizbee golf that are free and where the little boys can participate

Kim said...

Cambrie....comon.....don't you think Kiera is just a little small to enjoy a Children's museum?

Chad Groneman said...

We also need to find the museum that had the bronze triceratops out across the street from it, and take Benjamin there. Also we need to go to the Smithsonian.

Marilyn said...

OK, everyone. Here's your time to wish. Throw out your desires. Me? I will just go along with what everyone else decides. Steve said once that the Ford Theateris a great place to go see-I got the impression that it is still pretty much the same as when Lincoln was asassinated there. I never saw that when I was there, and I never really saw Ft McHenry either. But...I will go along with the group plan, and I am happy I am not in charge!