Sunday, March 11, 2007

Living in our new place is great. It has been way fun to have so much space and be able to decorate and such. Kiera doesn't seem to like it much though-- she has a hard time sleeping there. So now we have enough space for the whole fam to come and visit .... so you are all invited to come anytime and to bring friends/roommates, etc.. It is wonderful to wake up to the sound of birds instead of trucks and motercycles. The place is as filthy as can be so we've been disinfecting it, but it's getting there. HERE'S A SHOT OF OUR NEW PLACE


Christa said...

I hear you guys have no gas hooked up yet, but I am still jealous. What about the offer you made on the house? When will you know about that?

Kim said...

Cool. Is it really on Cie Lane or Cielo Lane? Google maps can't find Cie Lane.

Cambrie said...

Cielo lane.

Yes, no gas- we have to drive 40 mins to the in-laws to shower and cook ect. getting gas on tuesday.

the court date for the bankrupt house is the 20th and so we'll be going, offering, and will know that day if we got it.