Monday, February 28, 2011

Dinner with Dastrups

Ok..our quarantine is over.   Marilyn is feeling all better and my cold is on it's way out.  We were invited to Dastrups for dinner last night.  Both of the other Groneman families were there as well.  It was fun to see & play with grandkids.  I beat Benjamin in a game of stair ball. :-)  (he usually beats me).  Ty and Emmy played together well and Jacob was happy that I watched Baby Einstein with him in his room for a while while Christa/Benjamin went to a meeting at Church.  Too bad Brigham was working and couldn't join us. Too bad Nelsons and Buff couldn't join us as well.  Thanks Christa!

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Marilyn said...

Yes, that was GREAT! Thanks for hosting the gang!