Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wow...LED reading light

Way back when LED reading lights became popular I bought me one and used it quite a bit.  It's getting old and the switch broke so it can't be turned I threw it in the garbage last Sunday night.  I was surprised to find that the next morning it was still shining.  Well here it is the following Saturday (almost a week later) and the thing is still shining.  I've never even changed the batteries in it.  I had no idea LEDs were that energy efficient.  I've sinced fished it out of the garbage and put it on our dresser just to watch it.  I wonder how many more days it will go before it gives out?

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Brett said...

That's why I bought two LED Mag-lights. They stay consistently bright, even if the batteries are low, and yeah, we haven't used it a whole lot, but I've never replaced the batteries.