Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Yes, what Kim said! We have been SPOILED ROTTEN with FABULOUS FOOD THIS WEEK! Seriously, I think that this last week has been the best food I have ever eaten in a weeks time! We are talking full "10"s every night! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

So now that you all have raised the bar impossibly high, I am wondering who will be able to come this next Sunday to dinner at our house? And would Saturday work any better for you? Please let me know, so we can get organized, and THANKS AGAIN you all for your fabulous food! (I decided that my dead ancestors must be whispering in your ears to invite us so that I have more time for Family History stuff-we have never had 3 dinner invites in the same week before). Whatever the reason, my taste buds thank you all!


Gramps said...

Me! Me! I'll be there! I'll even cook some of my schlop if that's what folks want (winter IS the best time for Curry). But it is a poor substitute for some of these new tastes I've been exposed to.

Brett said...

I think we're in.

Any requests of what you'd have us bring? We can do fruit coctail or a bread product (may or may not be home-made), or main course, or our green beans to try 'em out, or Jello, or salad or waffles.

Christa said...

Sunday works well for us. What do you want us to bring?

Gramps said...

I wonder if the mother ship will answer all these questions? I'm just the piano player.