Friday, February 25, 2011

Quarantine Alert!

Warning!  I started getting a cold yesterday and it's getting worse and Marilyn has been nausiated since yesterday and she's getting worse.  You may want to take a wide berth until we give the all clear signal. 

On a tangent, anytime you want to visit us, please do.  Usually when kids aren't visiting, we're sitting around staring at walls, the boob tube, trimming nose hairs, or thinking about really old people...all of which is a lot less fun than spending time with kids.  I hope nobody ever thinks they are interrupting for a visit.  If, on those rare times I NEED to be spending time doing something like taxes (spit), preparing my presidential acceptance speech, or something like that which demands my attention, I'll let you know...but I'll still be bummed 'cuz I'd rather spend time with you.  I was sitting at work a couple of days ago when Marilyn called and said "Yo. Chad/Erica want to know if we want to go out to dinner with them".  Are you kidding me?!?  Do Palestinians hate Israelies?!?  Of course I do!  It was great! 


Marilyn said...

Good thing neither of us is deathly ill~ There would be nobody to take care of us! And, I am not complaining, this is the first time I have been ill in months.

Yes, it was great to just be invited to go do dinner with the young folks.

Brett said...

Are you still feeling ill? I was thinking of crashing your party this weekend 'cause I'm home.

Gramps said...

Marilyn says she's feeling a lot better this afternoon. My cold is a fairly mild one (so far). Your call. You do have mail.