Saturday, February 12, 2011

Women's Conference Review.

I just came home from the BEST WOMEN'S Conference I have ever attended! It was SO Amazing! Wow! I feel completely helpless to communicate the feelings that everyone had.
"One Clear Voice" came and sang such beautiful songs with such deep meanings. Janice Kapp Perry spoke also. She talked about the importance of music in taking to the heart the deep values we cherish into the lives of our children and grandchildren. She was inspiring and funny. Her husband was there. He was helping to run the music, but at one point she talked about how both of them were in the orchestra at BYU. She had noticed him but she didn't think that he had noticed her. As she was warming up for her solo performance and a bit nervous, she was sucking on her reed and he tapped her on the shoulder and said, "Those lips looks like they should be used for something better than playing that clarinet!"
The Audience burst into laughter, at which brother Perry got up and walked over to her and planted a big old kiss on her standing there, at the pulpit in shock! And then we all about died laughing! It was SUCH a great and meaningful conference, that if any of you out there are ever planning a conference, I couldn't give a higher recommendation than what I would give this morning. The members of "one Clear Voice" also spoke between their songs, (and that is a CD that I HAVE to have) and their thoughts only made their music 3 times more meaningful. It was AWESOME!
Janice told about a time that she was in a car accident. The door next to her was pushed in towards her and the glass was shattered and falling in on her and she was really hurting, but in that moment, what came to mind? An old Jingle advertisement set to music that most of us remembered< "When you hear the crash, think of JONES PAINT AND GLASS". She said she wondered why that particular thing hit her brain that that time. But it was set to music forever in her brain, and when the crash happened, there it was. She said that if we want the very important and true principles of the gospel imprinted forever on our children's hearts, that we need to put them there through music. And I realized as I listened to her that a good share of my own mothering came as a result of Janice Kapp Perry's music. We used to have a audio tape of hers that I liked, that I played for you kids when Christa and Chad were young, and beyond. I remember sewing and listening to it, "Plant a garden, keep a journal, put food in your store, study scriptures, pray that nations will open their doors, be a righteous missionary, help others each day. Clean the yard up, learn a language, and study and pray."
I remember going through the list and checking off the things that I was doing. There were things I knew I should do better, so I became more diligent (for example) at doing scripture time with my children. Her music changed my mothering. What a powerful influence for good she is and was.

They have done studies on children's retaining stuff that they learn.
If you teach them prose, they will remember about 20% of it.
If you teach them rhyme, they will remember about 35% of it.
If you teach them a song they will remember about 75-90% of it.
Music matters way more than we think. I am glad I used it as much as I did, but I wish I would have used it even more.
Anyway. Just thought I would share. I wish all of you could have been there!

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Erica said...

Even at age 2, Emmy has some of her songs memorized. The words are powerful. She's a wonderful woman.