Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Food Storage Tips

With food costs going to skyrocket (they are saying our gas prices are going to likely top $5.00 per gallon this summer,which will also boost the super-inflation that is predicted to hit food costs before the crisis in the Middle east started), now is a good time to be getting long term storage foods. I have a couple of suggestions. First, go to and see what the church recommends that you have in your long term storage, and also, I have found Alpine food Storage to be SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than other places. The last time I price matched the canned gallon size of Olive Oil was half as much as it was at Costco. Here is the email to Alpine: It is mostly just shopping online and sending her the check and then she notifys you when it arrives and you can pick it up there. It usually is 2-3 weeks after you order something that it arrives. This place is about one mile off the road to our house for the Dastrups. Pretty user friendly.

A word to the wise for you people that have cement floor basements. If you store water (AS YOU SHOULD BE) in plastic containers on the floor,the flavor of the cement will get into the water and it will be nasty. So put something under your containers, (we have carpet rolls you can have if you need them). Also, food storage like wheat sugar etc should be on pallets, or up off of the floor for flooding or moisture issues. Keep your wheat in the coolest place in the house. It prevents weavel development. Cool dark dry storage is best.

The church cannery is also a great place to purchase food. Of course you have to go do like 3 hour shifts to get it, but it is way cheaper than stores. WEL-HSC-LINDON@LDSCHURCH.ORG It is something you have to email them and sign up for their emails informing you of what things you can purchase coming up. And just be warned. If they send you info on something you want, you better sign up Quick cause those openings can disappear in a day on the popular items. So now you know. Please act quickly on making your purchases because the costs are going up every week.

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Gramps said...

FYI I carry quite a bit of food storage around with me. I don't recommend it though.