Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just a little update

Our kiddos have been sick sick sick around here for a while.  Tis the season.  Steve and I must be immune to it though becaue despite having our faces coughed in, being vomited on, and having a layer of snot that cover everything in our home, we are healthy.  I always just laugh when I see Kiera drop to her knees mid-playing and rub her nose on the carpet (easier than using the tissue I keep in her pocket?). 

Today we should find out how our 3 little popcicles survive the thaw.  Hopefully all 2 will be in good condition.  They will transfer them once again tomorrow morning and we'll know on the 21st if it took or not.    They froze all 3 of them together which means that we will have to discard 1 since we are only willing to tranfer 2 (even though surrogate and doctor both recommended 3). 

Steve and I have been working like mad trying to figure out insurance for our future kiddos.  I think I've spent at least a month of my life on the phone with insurance companies (between ths and supplemental insurance).    Insurance is COMPLICATED. 

I'm off to work in 15 minutes.  Better go make dinner for my little family!


Marilyn said...

Big stuff happening in your lives right now. I hope there are prayers, besides mine going your way. I am sorry your little dollies are still sick. That is so NOT FUN! Yesterday on Facebook you said that Illinois was looking more interesting...what is going on with that?

Gramps said...

Yea...lots of stuff going on around there. I hope your little girls get feeling better real soon...and that you parents don't get it. I'm also really hoping the surrogacy thing works this go round.

Christa said...

We're praying for you guys! I really hope things go well today!