Monday, February 14, 2011


I am the luckiest woman on the planet! Kim is such a sweetheart! He is so much better than I am at busting his brains to give me something I would like. This last week he announced that he had had a hard time thinking of what I would love for Valentines day....but he had decided to take me out for dinner every day last week! Isn't that sweet? Couldn't have worked when we had a house full of children, but it works now. And I know that when he gets home from yet another hard day at work, the last thing that he really wants to do is get in the car and go face traffic again to go out to eat, so he gets extra "points" for that!
I know that he would like to retire someday so he could choose to do what he wants to do. Right now, that is not too likely unless it is forced. And if it is forced, it doesn't come with pay. But I appreciate they way he is able to provide for our family. We have everything we need or want.

I also express my love for my wonderful children and their spouses. Breanna was the very best Valentines gift that I ever got, for sure! I miss her, but I am so happy that she is serving the Lord she loves to the best of her ability and my aching arms will wait for when she returns in October, happy to be aching because she is also serving the God I love as well.

I am completely helpless to try to express my love for all my kids and my kids-in-love (as Erica says). I am so happy that you found such great spouses, kids! On that biggest of all decisions, you all get 100%. Thanks for the love I see in your marriages, and for the great parents you are to my grandchildren. It is nice to know that they are so well taken care of.

And while I am expressing my love and appreciation, I would be ungrateful unless I would also express my love and appreciation to God. I love Him with all of my heart! And I could try to serve him every day all day for the rest of my life and still not be able to repay Him for the huge blessings He has showered down upon me in every way. I feel so inadequate to try to show him my appreciation. But I can try by serving Him more. Therefore, I am committing to Him, for the next 3 months, every Thursday I will go to the Family History Library all day so that I can assist in the effort of seeking out my lost ancestors and doing their work in the temple. That is what the Lord wants me to do now. Summer won't find the work stopped, but I will try to continue to do more at home. I just know that summer is overloaded with things to do anyway, so I can't give the work 1 full day a week then.
I read a quote at the FHL (I have been called to work in the FHL by the Mt Timp temple, for those of you who don't know) the other day that was pretty profound, "The greatest responsibility in this world that God has laid upon us is to seek after our Dead" Joseph Smith, History of the church 6 : 313
I wish I had gotten into it earlier, when I had my own children. I could have used the blessings and happiness that comes doing this work then too. Anyway, life always has a draw, pulling us away from the things that matter most. My dead whom I have promised to find, don't have a voice to say repeatedly, "PLEASE include us in your things to do list!". So I am giving them that voice. I love you all! Happy Valentines day, family!


Gramps said...

I really think it's my picture in the blog banner that makes me attractive to you. Admit it.

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However did you know??!