Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Report on the Groundhog Party

So yesterday, we did our "Groundhog day" celebration. It was more entertainment than we counted on or bargained for.

Emmy was ("on one"). You know, being 2: non-cooperative and disagreeable (she is actually mild compared to a lot of kids I have seen). But Erica, with a shake of her head said, "Yup! She sure is 2!......"
We laughed. Well, that was when the protests started from the 2 year old: " I NOT 2! I NOT 2!!" again and again. She said it with insistence and indignation! She didn't quite know what Erica meant by that, but she KNEW she didn't like it! But we knew she would get over it.

Ten minutes later through the line of pleasantries over the feast over the ground-hog beast (it was ham (hog), not sausage , sorry Chad) I became aware, once again, of the chorus that kept repeating in my distant consciousness: " I NOT 2!!!" It was a repeating chorus, only interrupted by the protests of not wanting to eat anything and wanting to get down. She did finally win that battle, at which time she tried to get the rest of us off our butts to go and play hide and seek with her. But our butts were pretty much stuck!

Then out came the Chocolate Eclair cake! MMMMMmmmmm! At which time, Emmy decided that she did want to eat after all! So back up in the booster seat! Erica explained to her that she wouldn't get any cake until she ate some dinner. "NOOOO!" she said...and then came the "NO WAY!" It is amazing how conversant and clear a 2 year old can be on IMPORTANT points! She worked over her mother to give her the cake. Then it was daddy that backed up mommy, and then Grandma chimed in and backed up the point to: "No dinner: No cake".

Silence: For about 15 seconds. Then the solution appeared! "Gramps! CAKE!!". And we had a new chorus for the next 10 minutes!

Yes, the event was highly entertaining! I am sorry for those of you who missed it. And last night after Kim was sleeping, I lay in bed thinking about the entertainment over dinner, and was laughing so hard, that I was crying! I was afraid I would wake Kim up because the bed was shaking with my laughter! Ahhh! It is is great to be a grandparent! :)

BTW, for those of you who wondered, I heard the report from "Groundhog Phil" on the Today show this morning. Yes, it is going to be an early Spring!


Cambrie said...

glad my 2 year old isn't the only one who acts up!!! The good news is that 3 eventually comes!

Gramps said...

It was a hoot! Great dinner, Emmy being supremely entertaining, and then a fun movie that everyone laughed through. My motto: Any excuse for a party is a GOOD excuse for a party. It was fun. The food, company, and entertainment were first rate.

Erica said...

That chocolate eclair cake was de-lish! It was a great party. We missed everyone who wasn't there, though. Glad you guys were laughing with Emmy being "2" like she was. I have to admit that I wasn't always laughing...(she is cute though, I'll give her that). :)