Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Movie Review: Temple Grandin

We watched Temple Grandin last night.  When we were done Marilyn said: "That's a 10". It's the amazing true story of a severely autistic woman who had the right help and the self determination and eventually became (and currently is) a professor at Colorado State.  Her doctors wanted her commited to an institution when she was young.  Today, more than half of the feed lots and slaughter houses in the US have implemented her designs in humane and efficient livestock handling.  She sees life as a series of pictures and can recall any picture she wants but she (and the people around her) had to go through a lot to get her to where she is because she's (as she puts it) "different, not less." and that's what this story is about.  She doesn't "get" social interaction in general.  I give it a 9 out of 10.  IMDB rates it at 8.4 which is almost as high as ratings there get.  Highly recommended.  Again, an autistic person that kind of reminds me of Jacob in that they seem unable to concentrate and cope but once they find that one thing their mind connects with, there is no stopping them.  The BBC actually did a group of stories about her:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46ycu3JFRrA


Marilyn said...

I gave it a 10 for the insights it gave me. It isn't like watching Harry potter, just entertainment. It has meat to it. I think that Jacob while not Autistic, has the same potential for success as Temple did/does. We just need to find the right way to turn it on, as they did with her. I probably wouldn't have given it a 10 without Jacob being in the family.

Christa said...

We watched it a few months ago and really liked it as well.