Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm enjoying my time off, while I'm between jobs. I've been mountain biking, seen the new Harry Potter movie, worked on learning things I'll need for my new job, and been house hunting. In some ways, I'm discouraged by seeing that I can't afford what I'd like. But, I'm excited about being able to move out of student housing and be able to have a fixer-upper.

Max Dastrup (Brigham's Dad) is helping me find a house. I kind of feel bad for him, wanting to get me in a good home with the small budget I have. But I'm happy with what he's shown me so far. We looked around Provo & Orem today. We'll go to Springville / Spanish Fork either this weekend or next week. There's two houses in Provo that I think I could go for. One is a little big, the other is a bit small. The smaller one only has one bathroom. That's fine if it was just me, but I want it to be a place I can have a couple of kids. For that reason I want two bathrooms. The bigger one is definitely bigger. Five bedrooms. It's older than the smaller one, and might need some more TLC to make it what I want it to be. Right now I'm leaning towards the older, larger house.

Here's links so you can check these two out and give input:
Bigger House
Smaller House


Chad said...

Mom asked about flooding, since both are close to Utah Lake. FEMA map 4901590016C shows my house in one of the two "Zone X" flood danger, meaning it might flood once every 500 years. Mom & Dad live in a natural zone X. Mine is in the artificial zone X - meaning a levee is in place to prevent flooding in that area. In fact, it's in the back yard of my house. I saw it, it's decent sized. See for yourself at

Christa said...

It's hard to say from just the outside, but I doubt that you will live out your life in either one of them. For that reason, I'd probably go with the smaller one. One bathroom would get you through many years. The only time we really appreciate 2 baths is whenever we have people staying with us. And since Provo isn't THAT far from Cedar Hills, I doubt you'll have houseguests that often.

Cambrie said...

Life is so not fair!!!! Come check out the houseing market in CA and you'll feel much better about your prospective purchace!! Our house we ar in is worth $450,000!!
I agree with Christa: You really don't need a 2nd bathroom for your kids until they are a bit older which wouldn't be for a while. And I wouldn't anticipate that we would come to stay with you very often.

Chad said...

Why don't any of you want to come visit? Haven't I visited you???


Marilyn said...

About people visiting. If your wife is from out of state, you will have visitors when they come. Course, if you don't want visitors, then go with the small one...but the kitchen size would influence me too. I would want the bigger one.
I still think you ought to think about buying a duplex. The one we bought was basically the same price and while it was older too, it is huge, and you would have someone else paying for 1/2 of it, so you could afford a pricier place than you can without a renters help.

Kim said...

I beg to differ with the other kids. As soon as you get married, you'll appreciate having two bathrooms. It's amazing how long one woman can spend in the bathroom doing her hair and makeup and when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. I like yer mom's opinion of doing a will get you more "investment" for the same amount of bucks. it's not like you will stay there forever. Otherwise, I'd go for the bigger house. Just look at how long it took Benjamin and Jacob to turn Christa's housing opinion around. Yea, you may not need it now, but always plan for the future as you don't know when you'll be able to buy another house.