Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Beach trip 07 #3-

Buff couldn't come with us this time since she had to work, which was too bad since the waves were totally great this time and the water was warm enough that even Kiera didn't mind it. Kiera enjoyed playing (walking in the water and attempting to eat the sand).
We had one of those huge shade cannopy things and had just finished putting all the poles together when we realized that we didn't have the actualy canopy/tarp part. ooops. So, we made this little make-shift shade thing for Kiera to be under. I ended up with heat exhaustion by the end of the day. We had fun though! Ya'll should come down and try boogie boarding!!!


Marilyn said...

LOOKS fUN! So how many SR Citizens do it? And do they do it in October?

Marilyn said...

Hey, I just went and saw the pictures under "Nelson pictures". Fun stuff! So there is a picture of BJ at a picnic table with the Nelson family. Was that the Sibling date from last summer, or recently? I mean, I would think that it was recent too but there were pictures from your last summers Strawberry Res trip too.