Monday, July 23, 2007

Update on Grandma Haslem: (in case anyone was interested) Last Monday, I called a meeting of my siblings and Dad to Kathys house to discuss weather or not we needed to put her in a care center. Dad had told me he didn't want to discuss his concerns about her on the phone, as she has excellent hearing (as we found out last Thursday when they came for dinner. She was sleeping/snoring, but all we had to do was mention her name and she would wake up and start talking!). So it wasn't until we had our meeting at Kathys that we found out that dad had decided that perhaps when my mom said that "You don't belong here anymore" she was just talking to herself, as she does LOTS. Evidently he wasn't looking at her when she said it. Also, we think perhaps the reason that she hid all of the knives is because she thinks people are out to get her, and her stuff. She probably thought she was protecting herself. So, dad (being her caregiver) has decided to leave her at home. Ultimately HE needs to be the one to make the decision, not us. But I do feel good about it, because in all of my moms many complaints about my dad she has never once made any threatening statements against him. And she doesn't reason well enough to hide it if indeed she was planning a threatening event. So I believe he is safe. So what a huge relief that is to all of us kids! We were all just REALLY struggling with the idea of putting her in a lock-down unit, knowing she would hate it and us for doing so!
Dad has SUCH a hard time getting mom to come for dinner anymore, that this last week when He FINALLY got her here, he asked me not to invite them anymore: It is just too much work for him to get her out of the isn't worth it. So I guess I will have to deliver meals to them every week. Mom also refuses to go to any resturants anymore. He took her to 2-3 resturants last week one day when they were hungry and she refused to even go in (even Maglebys, her all time favorite!) Pray for my dad! He could use it!


Kim said...

I feel sorry for your Dad. His life has to stink big time right now having to take care of her, *especially* since she is such an ornery cuss. It's such a shame to have a classy and smart lady like that reduced to this. Another reason I'm going to shoot myself on my 70th birthday.

Brett said...

I'm going to be doing a lot of skydiving when I'm 70.