Thursday, July 26, 2007

So, yeah. Yesterday I went to Kohls to spend my birthday money. After much looking, I finally found the shirts I was after. When I went to check out, the bill came to $90+, the gal asked me how old I was and I told her 52. She said, well with your Senior citizen discount that is today, that comes to $70-something." I was surprised (the first time I have ever been given that discount) so I asked at what age you qualify as a Sr Citizen in their store. She said, "I dunno! But your close enough!!"
I was so pleased to get $20.00 off my purchase, I forgot to be offended!


Cambrie said...

sign me up to be a senior citizen!

Marilyn said...

Yeah, that is what I thought too, but as I was observing Jack today on his little walk where he had to stop and rest every 10 feet, I think, "They need to up that Sr Cit discount to be worth getting old!"