Sunday, July 01, 2007

Well, I got on here to be enlightened one last time by the blog before I head of to the top of the mtn for the next week tomorrow morning. Alas and alack! No one has been being informative! Which means I will have to wait a week for my blog fix! This is sad. Except, BUFFY is here right now (well, NOW she is in Provo) but she is going to take me up to Reservation Ridge with Grandpa G tomorrow and stay the day so that Grandpa gets that much of the experience at least, (which he is happy about) and then she will bring him home tomorrow night to sleep. It really is nice that he is able to stay here because BJ is here. It works so much better for him in many ways.

Yesterday was my parents 59th wedding anniversary, so I had all the couples come over for dinner last night. Next year is their 60th. We will have to do something that involves more of the family. Course, that may not even be possible. Twice in about 8 days now, mom has gone over at 1-2 am to the Opsitniks (next door) and gotten them out of bed because, she wanted to talk to me, and she was sure I was there. I am not sure what she was after the second trip, but that has got to stop, post haste. So my poor dad has installed a chain lock on the front door (with a padlock he can lock) which he will enable at night, and then sleep on a foam in front of the back door, which should keep her in the house. I need to ask him how that went. She continues to be more difficult, about many things. I will be surprised if we can manage to keep her out of a lockdown care situation for even 1 year. And my guess is that my dad will have to sell his garden property to pay for it ($4000.00 a month). It would sure be good for him and her if she could slip peacefully away in her sleep. I really don't know how my dad is able to put up with mom with all her issues, but I am certain that he will qualify for the Celestial Kingdom JUST for taking care of her her last years...

Brett is also coming up tomorrow camping, so I get to catch up on their lives. Wish we could transport the rest of ya'll there for the day!!

By the way, my parents could sure use some more Grandparent support from everyone. Especally , well, both of them really. Andrea and Terrance usually go over every week to visit with them, but they are the only ones. Last week they didn't make it and Dad called them and said they had missed them, and "wondered if they had decided that they just weren't worth it?"
I realize (boy do I realize) that they aren't Fun to visit with anymore. I have to keep on myself to have them over for dinner every week and go visit them when I am in orem...especially since I feel alot of the time that with Jack around, I am tolerating just about all the geriatric hangups that I am capable of without adding some more: But the fact is, they are my parents, and it would be pretty selfish of me not to try to include them more in my life just because the visits aren't Enjoyable to ME. They have sponsored alot of our familys fun both at their house for dinner with all the cousins, and on the mountain, and giving gifts for Birthdays, Christmases, and scholarship money, all with really no expectation of anything in return other than our love. We may have outgrown our need for wanting to see or talk to them (to different degrees), but they still need to know of our love for them, and that only happens with a visit or a phone call. Ten minutes a week would thrill them, just to know that they are still loved and remembered. Cambrie has been good to send an occasional letter to Jack. I don't know if she is doing that for my folks or not. But it is a free phone call after 7 pm, so I do hope you all will try to meet their needs too. You will feel guilt when they are gone if you don't. I know Brett makes a phone call every Sunday to an old lady in No Carolina, which I have really admired...but maybe you could cut your visits with her in half so that you could call some old lady in Orem UT too! Good IDEA!!

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Stevo said...

Hint taken! Cambrie and I do need to remember our parents more often. We'll have you and dad over for dinner more often.