Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Big Bad Brett Update ~ 7.8.07

I applied for a new job yesterday -- If I get it, it'll be job #3. Actually, I'm applying for it 'cause as it turns out, I'll have to be leaving MountainStar Blood Services in the fall when school starts. I wish I didn't have to, but with my school schedule, I won't be able to work there. I'm not too happy about that. Oh well. Life. Anyhow, if I get this new job, I'll be a "Dialysis tech" at the hospital, on call.

As for MountainStar, we had a staff meeting last week. I was named "Employee of the Month." And that noble prestigious position is awarded based on phlebotomy statistics I think. I had a 0% QNS (Quantity Not Sufficient) rate, with the help of some coworkers adjusting for me twice I think. They made me look good. So that was fun.

As for the 4th of July the day happened something like this: I woke up after getting off of a very busy night of work the night before at Macey's, which got me home just before 3:00 AM. I had invited some people over for food and fireworks for the evening, so I went back to Macey's and got food for the event. Mission accomplished. Came home, put it away, and decided to take a nap. Then I started dreaming. All I remember in my dream was admiring mom and dad's new car stereo they put in the Prius, being asked my name and if I was allergic to anything, and someone taking my shirt off. And none of those events were connected with any of the others. The next thing I knew, I was sitting in the chair in a hospital ER, looking around, and realizing this wasn't a dream. None of you have experienced low blood sugar levels, and so none of you know what it's like for your mind to come out of that. It kinda wild trying to figure out what's real and what's supposed to be normal. I was sitting there in the ER before my memories start, as they worked on me, apparently conscious, as they hooked me up to IV's and took vitals. I was watching it all happen, and then my blood sugar started to raise from the IV, and I could think again -- sort of -- maybe what I would describe as 3% thought capacity. Right after where my memories start again, and I saw Jason (my roommate) and Breanna, I said 'Hi' to them, still trying to realize what was happening. After a little while to look around, I asked which hospital I was in and if it was still the 4th of July. It took me a while to remember that UVRMC was right by where I lived, and that I lived in Cinnamon Tree, so it made sense for me to be there. My shirt was off, and they had the sticky heart monitor button things on my chest and a pink ER ID tag on my wrist. The rest of the stay in the ER was just waking up, snapping some photos, eating a little hospital food, stabilizing my blood sugar levels, and going home. Some friends took me and Jason to the ER, and took us home after it all happened. I got in the car and saw her stereo -- the one I had seen in my "dream" before. She told me that I was playing with it on the way over.

Now the rest of the story as told to me by those who were conscious and saw it happen. I took my nap. That's where my memory leaves the story. Jason came in the room and I was laying on my bed just sort of staring at the ceiling. He said, "Hey, my family got to meet Mitt Romney today". I made a sound but didn't really respond. Jason tried to talk to me more, and noticed I wasn't responding. He came over, shook the bed, and shook me to wake me up, which didn't work. He went outside and yelled if anyone knew anyone who was diabetic and what to do. Our friends were in the pool right outside the door, (the ones that took me to the hospital) and came in to try to help. Jason/they got me out of bed and tried to give me something to eat. I wouldn't take it. I was standing and walking on my own. Jason says that a bunch of times, I'd just start shaking. They took me out to Kathy's car to take me to the ER. I was apparently talking to them and playing with the car stereo (Don't ask my why I remembered that part and forgot the part about 3 girls in swimming suits taking me to the hospital. . .I can't figure it out) Jason went in to get someone in the ER and Kathy thought I was alright again 'cause I was just talking to her. (I wish I had this recorded. I have no memory of it and I'd like to know what my brain comes up with when it's just automatic and I can't think.) But I went back into it, shaking and all, and yeah, I needed to go to the ER. I went in there, answered their questions they gave me, which I don't remember except for the allergy question and my name, and hooked me up to stuff and brought me back to where I needed to be. The girls went home, got changed, and came back.

Right after coming home from the ER, I went swimming with the other ward in a sort of July 4th pool party with the inflatable boat. It was a lot of fun. I had my heart monitor patches on my chest still and my pink ER tag. Then Katie Boren came over and we cooked burgers, corn on the cob, and good food. We watched stadium of fire from Freedom Blvd. Yeah. That was my Independence Day.


Chad said...

Hmm.. I hope you you sub-consciously flexed when they took your shirt off. For the swimsuit ladies.

Glad you're okay. You should have a monitor that beeps when your blood sugar gets too low or something.

Kim said...

Dad nag...I'm told I do that a lot..get used to it: You should definitely educate your roomates/friends to put honey or some such in your mouth when that happens. Such a little thing could save your life. So....the big question in my mind is why: When you have a pump that just puts a base line of insulin in unless you push some buttons, why were you in such a low blood sugar condition? Also, did you have the big headache afterward like you did before?

Cambrie said...

Please educate your roommates!!!! I don't feel like driving up to Utah for a funeral!!! Be more careful with my little/big brother!

Marilyn said...

Brett was here yesterday. I asked if any of these diabetic supply companys have a blood sugar monitoring machine available yet(one that would be monitoring it all of the time and sound an alarm if it got too low). Brett got online and it turns out that they do. So Brett is going to see if Dr Hafen could give him an RX for one while he is still on our good insurance.