Sunday, July 01, 2007

We just wanted to announce our ascension to postions of power and great leadership in the Ventana Ranch Ward. Today we were sustained as... nursery leaders! I think it will be fun, and it will be good since Brigham will only be around about half of the time. He missed his first day of molding little souls today, in fact.

Other news in the Dastrup clan-- Jacob continues to try to eat everything that is not edible-- crayons, a bouncy ball, rocks, etc. Yesterday on the way to the Emergency Medicine opening social, Jacob started eating the stuffing that he pulled out from a hole in his car seat. I tried to get him to spit it out, but I couldn't get it all, and he ended up gagging on it and throwing up all over himself. We were very late and not close to home, so we stopped at Target and got him some new duds off the clearance rack. That kid... manipulating us into getting him new clothes at an early age!

Friday was a big day for us-- it was PAYDAY!!! We haven't had one of those for 4 years! It almost felt like we won the lottery or something since Brigham has been doing basically the same thing for free during the last 4 years. It felt very good to hold that little piece of paper in my hands!


Cambrie said...

congrats on the calling, I have respect for you as I do the music time in nursery and I can't even begin to be able to control those munchkins

Chad said...

I feel good knowing that Jacob will be under good care in Nursery.

Congrats on the paycheck. Hopefully it's about what you expected, or more.

Marilyn said...

Paychecks are good. We are fond of them too! Congrats on that.