Saturday, July 14, 2007

New Low's in my mom's development of Alzhiemers.

The slide seems to be getting steeper. Yesterday I talked to my dad. He told me that my mom had informed him that "you don't belong here anymore", and then all the butcher knives in the kitchen disappeared. This frightened my dad, and in fact he has been anxiously concerned with her decline (especially in that she thinks that he is the enemy) that she might come after him one night in his sleep with butcher knives to finish him off. So when she said that and then the knives disappeared, that night he locked the door where he slept so that she couldn't get in. He said at 4 am, he could hear her trying to open his door. She didn't call to him or anything, but she was trying to get in.
Dad found the knives, and hid them from her, but it isn't like that is the only thing that she could possibly use as a weapon against him, if she decided to do damage.
My poor dad. We have got to figure out how to get my mom into a lockdown unit/care center. Cambrie says that if mom is hospitalized for any reason, then she can go into one free of charge, but she doesn't know for how long. I know that Medicare picks up the first 90 days, but what after that? At $4K per month, if it falls back into our laps, that is a problem.
Here is my dad's current night-time and morning routine: At bedtime he goes out the front door, locks the door shut from the outside so mom can't open it, then he goes around to a gate that he has installed between the garage and the house and locks it, then he locks the side garage door so she can't go in there and then go out the main garage door, then the locks another gate that leads to the garden. That protects the neighbors from her visiting them at 2 am, as she can't get off our property. Then he goes in the house, hides all of the phones so she can't call people all night long, as she was doing before, and then he goes in his room and locks the door to protect himself from her.
Makes me very sad. I SOOOOOOO...............don't want to have to put my sweet mother we have been so blessed by and that I love so much in a care center!!!! But things are pretty darn hard on my dad right now too, and he doesn't deserve it either. Cambrie thought that Medicare would pick it up if she went into the hospital first. I checked on that. Medicare only picks up the first 90 days, and then the family is responsible, just like as was the case with Grandpa G.
Anyone have any words of wisdom on the financial concerns about care centers, I solicit your wisdom! And I would also welcome any ones prayers for my sweet mom that the Lord see fit to take her home, and thus avoid the trauma of putting her in a lock down unit/Alz. care. If we love her, it is absolutely the best thing for her at this point.


Marilyn said...

I have been making some phone calls. I did find out that because dad is a veteran, that she would be entitled to $1000.00 per month benefit. That in addition to her current retirement and SS pension, might be enough to pay for/or go along way towards getting her into care.

Christa said...

It makes me so sad to hear that about Grandma, but I just can't pray that she will die! I'm sure the Lord knows what is going on, and when the time is right (not just at our convenience or what we think is best) she will go. I doubt that she is the one on trial at this point. But she and Grandpa will certainly be in our prayers!

Stevo said...

For Grandpa's safety at least, 90 days would be a good start.

Kim said...

I never realized that at this point in my life....Buffy just left home...that it would be so "old person" focused.