Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I've been offered a better job. Not the one I blogged about a few days ago. This one is looking pretty good, and I'll probably accept it. It's got slightly better pay than I have now, 9.5 regular holidays, 2 floating holidays, 18 days off per year (starting point, grows with time), and standard heath benefits (80/20).

IF I take it, my next action will be to find a house. Okay, my first action will be to quit my current job. If they'll pay me for the overtime I've done, I'll do another two weeks. But they've previously told me they won't pay me for the extra time I've worked if I quit. In which case I see no reason to continue working.

After I quit, then I'll start searching for a house VERY seriously. Ideal home: Good neighborhood, 3 bedroom, unfinished basement, yard, $150,000. Reality sets in, and I know I can't get the house for that price. A fairly thorough scan of craigslist on real estate for sale in Utah Valley area reveals that houses cost $200,000, minimum. Unless it's built in nineteen-oh-something. Townhouses are less, but they have no yard. And they have a wall with neighbors.

Also, if you have any furniture, home decor, etc. that you might be wanting to get rid of, hold onto it for another month or so. If I get a house, I want free stuff to put in it.


Chad said...

Oh, and does anyone know any good Real Estate agents? With the understanding that if they don't find the house I'm looking for, I pay them nothing?

Chad said...

Hmm.. Can I double up on medical insurance, like what my sisters have done with pregnancy insurance? So that if I go see the doctor, I pay 20%, one company pays 80%, and another company pays me 80%?

Kim said...

Lessee....as for a real estate agent, buyers don't pay them anything, the seller does. (well, the cost of the commission is in the price of the home) As for health insurance, sure you can buy it...but you have to pay for it. I'd suggest waiting at least a month or so in the new job to be sure it's a good fit before you get all comfortable and commit yourself to a mortgage. Now post something about the job...who it's with, what you would be doing, etc. etc. Oh yea...we've got a lot of junk you can store at your place. :-)

Christa said...

Brigham's dad is a real estate agent, and he won't charge you anything. He works with Century 21.

Cambrie said...

We've got an extra kitchen table and and some other end tables n such, you can have them, but I doubt that you would want to come pick em' up. Actually, it is possible that the table could fit in buff's car when she drives up to utah next, but then you'd have the same problem we had for 4 years: no matching chairs.

congrats on the job!!! where is it located?