Saturday, July 28, 2007

So, in talking to mom about a week ago on the phone, she commented on how we need to put up more pictures on the blog. Well the Nelsons and I asked her why her and Dad never put up any pictures on the blog. Her response was that they don't have anything exciting to take pictures of. We then suggested that they should take pictures of them doing everyday stuff... Needless to say, they didn't quite take to the idea. So since we are the only ones putting pictures up it seems, we decided to set and example... there is a whole slew of new pictures from us if you click on the "nelson pictures".


Kim said...

What?!? Who says we never put pictures on the blog??? *EVERY* time we take a trip and take pictures I upload them to Picasa and post links here. [harumph!]

Kim said... case you missed it (which you OBVIOUSLY did) I've uploaded entire albums for your viewing pleasure. One in July, two in June, one in april, two in March, one last December, and one last November: