Sunday, July 01, 2007

The short version of my hard day:

I worked saturday from 3-11. It was a horrible day at work. I stayed 2 hours after my shift ended still trying to get things done, but at 1 am I was too frustrated, tierd, and I didn't have enough info to be able to do what I needed to do (lack of proper job orientation) so I went home-- leaving my tasks undone.
Got home at 1:30 AM and I was pulled in the driveway and pushed the garage door opener button and nothing happened. Thought to myself 'figures--everything else in the world has gone wrong today so might as well add one more!' So I decided to park the car and go press the button in the garage. I was driving steve's car which is a stick-shift. I RARELY drive it, so I'm not that famililar with it and where things are. I turned off the car and all went black (it turns out that the power was out-- no street lights, no light from the neighbors--nothing). I opened the car door and stuck my foot out and only then did I realize that the car was rolling. (It was too black to be able to see that I was rolling. Of course, immediate reaction was to put my left foot down to try to stop the car (didn't work), so second reaction was to slam on the break with my right foot, which of course didn't work since my left foot was on the ground instead of the clutch. My brain was just transitioning to reaction #3 (e-brake) when I heard the crunch into the next door neighbor's car. Ooops. The trunk on steve's car now won't close properly and there was a large dent in the bumper of the neighbor's car (that we saw only after the power came back on. Needless to say, I was a bit upset about everything and didn't get much sleep last night.
But the silver lining on this cloud was when I called the neighbor this morning and he claims that the dent that we saw was always there--he backed into a propane tank last year. He claims it looks no different at all which seems impossible when you look at steve's car. Anyway, we'll probabaly just sell steve's car now.
fun fun fun!


Marilyn said...

If you *knew* your day was going to be that way, you could just stay in bed! But, at least you don't have to pay for the neighbors car...I do find it interesting how some days it just seems NOTHING can go right!

Christa said...

What a day! But are you going to sell Steve's car because the trunk doesn't close properly, or were you going to sell it anyway?

Cambrie said...

we were planning on selling it anyway. So we'll just sell it instead of fixing it and selling it

Stevo said...

You can always look on the bright least it wasn't Cambrie's car that got into the accident, right?