Sunday, July 22, 2007

There I was, mildly drowsy, on a warm Sunday morning sitting in front of the church congregation of a BYU singles ward. To my left, was the person who would be speaking second in church. To my right was the third speaker. I was to be the first speaker -- the youth speaker. I decided it might be worth while to look up a few references and examples for my topic in the scriptures. As the book came out of the zipper case, a Camel cigarette came out along with it.

I may have thought for more than a tenth of a second how that got there, had I not done the same thing to him the previous week. He wasn't there to defend himself, so as I stood to deliver my "Who's on the Lord's side who" talk, I used Jason as an appropriately bad example, giving him credit for putting it in my case, and not offering any explanation as to why he had them.

He found them on the side of the road a week and a half ago.

Now the ward thinks he's a chain smoker who doesn't write in his journal and eats meat in excess too.

He's speaking next week. Brother Hall said his topic will be the Word of Wisdom.


Kim said...


Christa said...

Hey, we spoke in church yesterday, too! But we had no contraband in our scriptures!

Kim said... more thought....aren't you a little old to be the youth speaker?

Cambrie said...


if brett is old, what does that say about me???

Brett said...

You're pretty much in Grandma Haslem's category CANalope.